At First Glance . . .

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At First Glance . . .

They were just lying there on the counter looking normal as hell.  I’d overlooked them a dozen times not even wanting to gather them together into a bag – they were, well, ordinary and I don’t do ordinary.  Ordinary just isn’t profitable you know.

Stainless steel flatware – kitchen knives, forks, and spoons – a whole set of them is what I’m talking about, you know, the ordinary stuff you find in every silverware drawer in every house in America.  As I said boringly ordinary and worthless.

So I was standing over the shoulder of my dear wife as she was working on this flatware getting it ready for an upcoming sale.  I queried her in my own particular way, “What are you wasting your time on that for?”  To which she retorted, “It’s worth a lot of money.”  I spoke kindly in return, “Dear wife, whom I love, nothing as ordinary as stainless steel flatware can be worth enough money that you should spend more than a glance at it before throwing it in the Goodwill box and never looking at it again.”  I’m sure I said something like that.  What she heard was, “Quit wasting your time and get onto something else.”

Any of you who know my shy wife will know that she doesn’t take that kind of “know it all” crap from me.  Instead she is particularly fond of making me eat my words, ofttimes in dramatic fashion.  Such was the case with the aforementioned flatware.  Remember me saying it was effectively worthless?  Turns out it was Oneida “Twin Star” stainless steel flatware which has a fairly loyal and fanatic following amongst the mid-century modern crowd.  This 60 piece set of “worthless” flatware sold for $175 to which she gleefully exclaimed, “Dear man, you should know better than to doubt me.”  What I actually heard was, “Nanner nanner, Told you so!!!”

It’s one of those things you scratch your head over – you just don’t understand what makes one thing outstanding and another plain; there just doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it.  I guess the moral to this story is some things need that second glance – even if you do know it all.


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