345 Guaranty – We Guaranty Our Coins & Currency Are Authentic!


We are auction buyers too, and as such, we’ve felt the sting of buying what turned out to be counterfeit coins and currency.  While we’ve been able to work out the purchases, it was not a clear cut process, leaving us with the feeling it could happen again with not so desirable results. Because of this, we have instituted a new policy effective immediately which guaranty’s that you, a Buyer at any of our coin and currency auctions, should purchase free of the possibility you’d receive a counterfeit.  With our exclusive 345 Guaranty, we warrant any coin or item of currency purchased through our online auctions.  This 345 Guaranty is for US Coins or Currency only and is good for thirty days from date of purchase.  The 345 Guaranty is limited to the item’s purchase price only, excluding shipping.  Other conditions may apply.  Our Terms & Conditions have been changed to reflect this new guaranty and the change can be read below.  We hope this 345 Guaranty will give you confidence in our process and our auctions.

2a.  GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY FOR US COINS & CURRENCY:  345 Auction will never knowingly sell or offer to sell any counterfeit coin or currency.  Coins or currency identified as a copy, replica, or facsimile may be sold if clearly identified as such in the item description.  If, within 30 days after purchase, Buyer gives notice in writing to 345 Auction that the coin or currency so sold is a counterfeit and after such notice the Buyer returns the coin or currency to 345 Auction in the same condition as when sold, and establishes to the satisfaction of 345 Auction that the returned coin or currency is, in fact, a counterfeit, 345 Auction as agent for the Consignor will rescind the sale and refund the purchase price exclusive of shipping charges.  Third party professional grading service(s) may be used to help determine authenticity.   This Guarantee of Authenticity is strictly limited to coins and currency issued by the United States of America.  Determinations made by 345 Auction and/or in consultation with experts in the field are final.  Beginning on the 31st day after purchase, this Guarantee of Authenticity is limited to determining the authenticity of the coin or currency only.  Refund of the purchase price is not guaranteed.