Happy New Year!!


Happy 2018!


New Year’s Greetings to Everyone!

We hope this finds you well having enjoyed the holiday season and that you were able to spend time with family and friends creating lasting memories and enjoying the festive holiday time.

Reflecting on 2017, we are humbled and grateful for the support and kindness you have shown us throughout the year.  We don’t consider you just customers but as friends and in many ways, business partners. You’ve accompanied us as we’ve grown and shown time and again what you value:  quality items. When we first entered the online auction market several years ago, we sold pretty much everything but, because of your influence, we’ve now become more selective about what we auction.  Our criteria has become, “If we wouldn’t put it in our home, we don’t sell it.”

Looking forward in 2018, we are working to streamline our processes, expand our personnel, and improve our product.  With this goal in mind, we hope the experience you’ve had with us continues to get better.  We’ve had a GREAT year in 2017 – we’re looking forward to an even GREATER year in 2018.

From Neil & I, thank you for being such wonderful people, we couldn’t have done it without YOU!!!